An Anam Cara walks with you on your spiritual journey

“Anam” is Gaelic for “soul” and “cara” is Gaelic for “friend.”

In Celtic tradition, an Anam Cara is a teacher, companion or spiritual guide. An Anam Cara creates a safe, peaceful, sacred space for you to deepen your relationship with the God of your understanding.

An Anam Cara brings a gentle and compassionate approach to walking with you through the questions, fear, confusion, despair and isolation that can come with the challenges of life.

“The Celtic way of ‘being with others’ allows the person to discover new depths of soul and to experience new levels of individuation and completeness,'” notes The Anam Cara Community.

“Most of all, Celtic spirituality is a tradition of hope and resurrection. It allows one to see and experience that we are much more than our bodies; that we are eternal and that illness never has the last word in our lives.”

“The spiritual director is a midwife of the soul, present and attentive as new life emerges. The spiritual director offers hospitality, in the holy tradition of Abraham entertaining the angels. The spiritual director is a teacher, after the model of Jesus, who was called ‘Teacher’ by those who loved him. But whether we call that trusted person teacher, midwife, or host, the spiritual director is always and above all a holy listener.” — Rev. Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening

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